• Sudahkah anda menulis Diari Cinta anda hari ini?
    Sebagai forumer Forum Tentang Cinta, anda kini boleh menulis dan mencoret kisah manis cinta anda di ruangan Diari Cinta. Hanya satu diari sahaja ya dibenarkan untuk setiap seorang.

Motivasi Islamik


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"don’t go into a marriage in search of happiness. marriage isn’t the place to find happiness. marriage is struggles and hardship and difficulties, and that is why it is a great blessing and one the greatest trials, for it is through struggle that we become stronger, wiser, and closer to Allah.

so don’t go into marriage hoping to find happiness; go into marriage with the understanding that there will be fights, and temper, and the greatest test of your patience - all for the purpose of improving you as a muslim and that goal never has an easy path"